User Experience Designer

Our Role

Key Projects:
Browse and Buy
Shop and Learn Beta
AT&T Business Center Dashboard
Business Center
Global Search

Key Activities

Requirement Gathering

We partnered with AT&T Business Analysts and Product Owners to gather requirements.


The wireframes that were produced for this project was created in Axure.

User Research

We collaborated with UX Researchers to prep for design user testing.

Visual Design

Coordinated with the Visual Design team to gather design assets to brighten the experience.

User Flows

Led white boarding sessions with key stakeholders to ensure we covered all of the design gaps.

Visual Q/A

We worked closely with my 2 scrum teams to ensure we were developing a high quality product.

Shop & Learn Pilot

We led the design of the new Shop and Learn pilot for Small Business customers at AT&T. The purpose of the pilot was to improve the shopping experience, automate the checkout experience and finally, to set a foundation for the future Small Business shopping experience. 

Our User Persona

John is a fun-loving family man who has always loved carpentry. Since he was a young man, he dreamed of making his own furniture. When he retired from the military two years ago, John partnered with his wife and other family members to make his dream a reality. Most of John’s day is spent in his workshop. While John is busy being the face of the his shop, his wife takes care of daily business matters. She manages their employees and payroll, orders supplies, handles vendors and contracts, and is generally in charge of most business operations.

Goal 1: Lower Monthly Expenses
John is always looking for the best deal for his business. He needs to keep his costs low so he can pass the savings to his customers and remain competitive in his industry. “Our monthly expenses are one of the few things we can directly control.”

Goal 2: Combined Services:
John may bring all of his telecommunications business to one provider if he can get what he’s looking for: A good deal, reliable service, and excellent customer service with a personal touch.

Goal 3:  Transition to Newer Devices & Services
John spent the first year focused on making enough money to stay in business. Now that the business is more stable, he would like to transition into using technology to ease his workload. For example, he’d like to place more orders online and move to online bill pay options.

Shop & Learn Site Map

Initial Sketches


Wireframes to Visual Design

Final Mockups for Delivery to Engineers

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