Volonté Realty Group


Volonte Realty Group

Date Completed:



Project Overview

Volonté new Minneapolis based real estate brokerage that specializes in finding you your dream home! Being the new kids in town the Volonté needed assistance in their brand strategy and vision.

Creative Work Produced:

Created a new Logo and Brand Identity for Volonté Realty.

New Responsive website that works on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Increased Revenue by Running Weekly Contest on Facebook and Instagram.

The Volonté Brand Aesthetics



Color Scheme

The Volonté wanted a minimal logo and color scheme that mostly utilizes Charcoal Black and Volonté Red.

For the typography choices, we decided to move foreward with Bodini and Verdana. The unique serif placements in the Bodini font creates an emotion of high-class and trustworthiness. The Verdana font is a simple and legible font for easy reading.

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Aa – Bodini
Aa Verdana



Blitz Grey


Volonté Red


Volonté Logo Design

We used the typeface Bodini for the Volonté logo to create an emotion of class and trustworthiness.

Volonté Customer White Paper

Created a 10 page customer on-boarding whitepaper for Volonté

The New Volonté Website

Web Design

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