Senior UI Designer

Date Completed:

04/2015 - 03/2016

Senior UI Designer

My Role

As a Senior User Interface Designer at Walgreens on the Standards Team, my main focus consisted of creating new and updating existing the Walgreens Design System.

I worked closely with other interface designers, user experience designers, and developers to ensure we met UI consistency across all of our digital properties and met accessibility standards.

Key Projects:

Walgreens Design System
Home Page
Global Navigation
Product Filters
Photo Kiosk Rebrand

Walgreens Design System

Design System Mangement

We created a new design patterns, wrote usage guidelines and coordinated with a scrum team to deliver quality and accessible components.

We also managed the photoshop and illustrator GUI to ensure designers were using the most up to date patterns in their designs. 

The Design System Transition

We were in charge of leading our transition from our .pdf style guide to a live style guide. Having a web version of our style guide was a huge step in the right direction for developing a design system for all of the Walgreens Digital Properties. 

.pdf prior to transitioning to live the web version

Global Navigation Redesign

Sketching & Ideation

I am a traditional designer and I really enjoy starting from pen and paper first. These are some of the initial sketches for the Global Navigation Redesign for Walgreens.com

After the sketches were completed, I created low fidelity wireframes in Axure and then jumped into visual design in Photoshop.

Preliminary Designs Global Navigation Concept

Where we landed

We decided to veer away from utilizing the simplified Walgreens logo “Corner Flag”  because  only about 65% of customers associated the corner flag with Walgreens. Screenshots from 03/2016:

Home Page Explorations

I was assigned to do exploration work for the Walgreens Home page with an emphasis on Micro Interactions. 

Filter Redesigns

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